Pub Crawls 3 & 4


Your starting point is the Centurion bar situated in the Central Station. This bar is very popular at most times with a huge screen for football fans. As you leave here, head for the main entrance to the station. You should now be on Neville Street. Cross by the traffic lights and opposite you will see The Victora Comet, a Nicholson's pub noted for it's excellent range of real ales - you can sample Nicholson's Pale Ale amongst others.

As you exit the pub turn left and head down the road till you reach The Head of Steam where you can sample several different foreign bottled beers and a selection of fine real ales. The bar is very popular with the Student crowd and there is Live Bands on at the weekend in the basement bar downstairs.

As you exit turn left and head down to a set of traffic lights, cross here and then turn left. Across the road you will find the imposing building of the Union Rooms.

This popular pub has the cheapest prices for beers in town and there is beer festivals for real ales held regularly throughout the year.

As you come out of the pub turn right and head up Westgate Road. Turn right by St Johns church on the corner and carry on up the street. On your way you will see Yates's on the right.

This pub also has low priced beers and a range of reasonably priced meals.

After leaving, continue up Grainger Street till you come to the crossroads. Turn right and you should see Idols Vaults on the right. The bar is very popular with the Bigg market crowd and live football is shown. There is topless dancers on Newcastle home match days.

On leaving Idols Vaults cross the road towards Filthys bar where you could pop in for a swift drink and then continue up Grainger Street. Head towards the Monument.

Near the entrance to the Monument Metro station you will see The Botanist. After climbing the stairs or taking the lift your crawl is complete and can enjoy a drink while looking out over Grey's Monument.



Your starting point here is the Bridge Hotel situated directly opposite the Castle Keep just a short walk from the station. The Bridge has been a popular haunt for many years with a fine range of real ales on offer and Live music in the bar upstairs.

From here, as you leave, head towards and under the railway bridge and past the Black Gate, a historic area of Newcastle. You need to take the first right down the bank and on the left hand side you will see The Empress. This bar features Live music on selected nights.

On leaving turn left and continue on down the bank. At the bottom on your right hand side you will come to Livello a popular Quayside bar. As you come out of the bar, cross over the road and continue down the other side till you come to the Akenside Traders on your left. This bar is extremely busy on most nights and is one of the most popular on the Quayside.

From here as you come out, head straight down and cross over the road by the Guildhall continuing till you are right by the River Tyne. Turn right and walk along by the river passing the Riverside nightclub on your way, until you come to the Quayside Bar on your right. This Wetherspoons Lloyd's No 1 bar has the cheapest prices in this area and an outside seating area that is always busy when the weather is fine.

As you leave from the rear entrance, go straight across the road and you will find Popolo one of latest additions to this area of the Quayside. After you exit, turn left and keep walking along the same side until you reach Hop & Cleaver. This popular bar serves its own range of house ales and smoked meat dishes and attracts a steady crowd at most times of the day.

Once again as you leave, turn left and follow the road around the corner passing the Red House on the way. You could pop in here for another drink or continue on. You will eventually come to the Crown Posada another old pub which is full of character.

From here turn left following the course of the main road up Dean Street. Cross over half way up the bank and you will find Brewdog where you will finish the crawl. you can sample some excellent Scottish craft beers and ales here to recharge you before the exertions of the climb up the bank.

To find out more beforehand about any of the the pubs mentioned in the crawls you should refer to the individual reviews listed in the website.

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