MonumentThe Botanist



63 Newgate Street, close to Bigg Market and City Centre.

Metro - Monument
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Sunday - Friday 9pm - 10pm, Saturday 8pm - 10pm.
Telephone: 0191 2220960

Beers: John Smith's Extra Cold, Fosters, Kronenbourg 1664 and Guinness Cold on tap.
Strongbow cider on offer.
An extensive selection of cocktails, spirits and bottled drinks available.

Meals: No food advertised - Drinking bar only.

Special Deals: Selected Trebles inc mixer £2.95, Bottles of Fosters/K2 £2.50, Bottles of WKD/Smirnoff Ice £2.90, Premium Doubles and mixer £2.95, Cocktails £3.50, Frozen Fruity Cocktails £3.75, Bottles of VK £2.70. 24 Sinful Shooter favours - single shot £1.50, XL £2.50, Six set £9.00, Crucifix 5 £8.00, 13 shot Crucifix £18.00, 24 shot Crucifix £30.00, 24 shot Chaos Crucifix £24.00.

Live Sports: none shown here.

Music: Regular Music is on play at most times with a DJ a regular feature.

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Student Trebles bar that was formerly known as Lennons.

This bar has has taken no time in living up to its name. With £1.70 charged for a half pint of Fosters lager (£1.80 for Guinness).

I am not sure who they are trying to attract. At those prices even with the usual offer of cheap trebles they will find it hard to attract a steady clientele once the freshers are spent up and have sussed out the cheaper alternatives in The Gate/Wetherspoons.

Will give this one a miss until the management come to their senses and try a bit harder to make the place more appealing. The bar has a large standing area with limited seating with the DJ booth located in the centre.

The bar is to the right of the main entrance with The Chamber upper bar/terrace open later in the evening accessed by a flight of stairs to the left. The lighting is dark and subdued with chandeliers over the bar.

Although the bar has a modern feel than before it was a bit lacking in atmosphere which was not helped by a member of staff who was particularly rude when I tried to have a look upstairs (Even though there was nothing to suggest the upstairs was closed).

Regular Music is on play at most times with a DJ a regular feature.

Disabled access not easy to upper level. Toilets small and clean

Price: Expensive if not drinking special offers.