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Old Pubs of Newcastle in 1910

This page features details of Pubs in Newcastle in 1910, some which have now disappeared for good. These pubs have not previously been featured on Pubs Newcastle as they may have been demolished some time ago or changed it's name.

The historical information on where the pub was located in Newcastle and what has happened to the pub is shown on the page.

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Adelaide Hotel, 54 Newgate Street/ 26 Clayton Street

Adelphi Hotel, 20-28 Shakespeare Street

Albion, 27 Newgate Street

Albion Hotel, 90-92 Clayton Street East/ 12 Fenkle Street

Bacchus Inn, 142 Newgate Street

Black Swan, 29-31 Clayton Street

Blackett Arms, 27-29 Nelson Street

Blue Post Inn, 140 Pilgrim Street

Bull & Mouth, 115 Newgate Street

Butchers Arms, 7 Nun Street

Cafe Royal, 8 Nelson Street

Cambridge, 39-41 Clayton Street

Central Exchange Hotel, 95 Grey Street

Chancellor's Head, 120 Newgate Street

Clayton Arms, 87 Clayton Street

Cleveland Arms, 22 Royal Arcade/ 13 Manor Street

Comedy Bar, 17 Lisle Street

County Inn, 56 Prudhoe Street

Cricketers Arms, 9-11 Nelson Street

Crown & Sceptre, 55 High Friars Street

Cumberland Arms, 26 Newgate Street

Duke of Northumberland, 18 Clayton Street

Duke of Wellington, 8 Carliol Square

Dun Cow Inn, 4 Back Eldon Street

Earl of Durham Inn, 215-219 Pilgrim Street

Elephant & Castle, 36 - 38 Low Friar Street

Gardeners Arms Hotel, 16 Nelson Street

Globe Inn, 48-50 Clayton Street

Golden Tiger Inn, 124 Pilgrim Street

Grainger Hotel, 36 Grainger Street

Grapes, 110 Grey Street

Kings Head Inn, 72 Blackett Street/ 2 Percy Street

Lion & Lamb, 134 Newgate Street/ 40-42 St Andrews Street

Lord Collingwood, 12 Clayton Street

Lord Stowell Inn, 7 Nelson Street

Lowther Hotel, 16-18 Newgate Street/ Nun's Lane

Market Lane Inn, 72-74 Pilgrim Street

Masons Arms, 146-148 Newgate Street

Nags Head, 18 Nun Street/ Nun's Lane

Nelson's Arms, 35 Nelson Street

Norfolk Hotel, 90 Grey Street

Northumberland Arms, 75 Northumberland Street/ 1 Prudhoe Street

Old Black House Inn, 83 Pilgrim Street

Old Burton House, 1-2 Croft Street

Old Queen's Head, 152 Pilgrim Street

Ord Arms, 13 Northumberland Street

Pack Horse, Newgate Street

Palmers Hotel, 5 Higham Place

Park Hotel, 63 De Grey Street

Phoenix Inn, 72 Newgate Street

Pine Apple Hotel, 25 Nun Street

Princess Inn, 11 Princess Street

Prudhoe Arms, 16-18 Prudhoe Street

Railway Inn, 3 Carliol Place

Ridley Arms, 197 Pilgrim Street

Rose & Crown, 5-7 Newgate Street

Royal Oak Hotel, 2 Back Eldon Street

Royal Bar, 100 Grey Street/ 13 Market Street

Royal Turk's Head, 73 Grey Street

Smith's Arms, 20 Prudhoe Street

Star Hotel, 22-24 Northumberland Street

Star & Garter, 25 Clayton Street

Sun Inn, 23 Newgate Street

Temperance Hotel, 2 Higham Place

Temperance Hotel, 118 Grey Street

The Railway Inn, 1-3 Carliol Place

Three Tuns, 71 Newgate Street

Tyne Temperance Hotel, 13 Hood Street

Victoria, 63-65 Newgate Street

Westgate Tavern, 104 Clayton Street/ 84-86 Westgate Road

White House, 51 Pilgrim Street

Ye Olde Friar's Cell, 4 High Friars Street/ 140 Newgate Street

???, 54 Blackett Street

???, 150 Northumberland Street

Bee Hive, 2 High Bridge

Black Bull Inn, 9 High Bridge

Black Boy Inn, 11 Groat Market

Carlton, 8 Cloth Market

Coach & Horses, 28 Bigg Market

Earl Grey, 7 Bigg Market

Flying Horse, 39 Groat Market

Garrick's Head, 40 Cloth Market

Half Moon Inn, 14 Bigg Market

Imperial Hotel, 24 Cloth Market

Lord Chancellor Inn, 31 Groat Market

Nag's Head, 36 Cloth Market

Old Durham House Inn, 18-20 Cloth Market

Old George Inn, Old George Yard, Cloth Market

Old Plough Inn, 20 Bigg Market

Old White Swan, 28 Cloth Market

Princess Bar, 39 Groat Market

Salutation, 22-24 High Bridge

The Vine, 1 Bigg Market

White Hart, White Hart Yard, 12 Cloth Market

White Horse, 27 Groat Market

White Swan, 4 White Swan Yard

Adelaide Hotel, 132 Newbridge Street/ 1 Minden Street

Albert Inn, 86 Albert Street

Albion, 66 City Road

Anchor Inn, 2 Close

Baltic Tavern, 9 Broad Chare

Barley Mow Inn, 38 City Road

Barley Mow, 3 Sandgate

Blyth & Tyne Hotel, 90 - 94 Newbridge Street

Butchers Arms, 55 City Road

Cannon, 27 Close

Chester Hotel, 194-198 Shield Street

City Arms, 36-40 Portland Road

Clarence Hotel, 116 Clarence Street

Cookson's Arms, 25 Hanover Street

Countess Aberdeen, 4-5 Sandhill

Crown Posada, Crown Buildings, 31 Side

Duke of Argyle, 13 Argyle Street

Duke of York, 3 Back Maling Street, Ouseburn

Egypt Cottage, 115 - 119 City Road

Empress, Side

Fighting Cocks Inn, 127 Albion Row

General Wolfe Inn, 55 Copeland Terrace

George the Fourth, 68a Close

Globe Inn, 2 Barker Street/ 98 Wesley Street

Golden Lion, 14 Broad Chare

Golden Lion Inn, 7-9 Tyne Street

Gosforth Arms, 5 Gosforth Street

Half Moon inn, 10 The Swirle

Harrogate House, 27 Gosforth Street

Hope & Anchor Inn, 5 Horatio Street

Lord Nelson Inn, 11 Sandgate

Lord Nelson, 7-11 Trafalgar Street

Masons Arms, 19 Cut Bank

Melbourne Hotel, 1 Hewgill Terrace/ 1 Ingham Place

Nags Head, 41 St Ann's Street

New Bridge Hotel, 2-4 Argyle Street/ 142 New Bridge Street

Newbridge Inn, 31 Ouse Street

Newcastle Arms, 11-13 Akenside Hill

New Sun Inn, 136 Quayside

Old Custom House, 3 Quayside/ 8 Sandhill

Ord Arms Tavern, Cowgate

Plumbers Arms, 2 Ouse Street, Ouseburn

Portland Arms, 56-62 New Bridge Street

Prince of Wales, 1 Byron Street

Queen's Arms Inn, 1 Simpson Terrace

Queen's Head, 37 Close

Red Barns Hotel, 3 Melbourne Street

Ridley Arms, 2-6 Clarence Street/ 24 Hewgill Terrace

Rose & Crown Tavern, 166-168 City Road

Rose & Crown, 2 Walker Road

Royal Victoria Hotel, 49 Melbourne Street/ 48 Blagdon Street

Shieldfield Inn, 87-89 Shield Street/ 1 Franklin Street

Ship Inn, 17 Stepney Bank

Ship Tavern, 1 Maling Street, Ouseburn

Steamboat Inn, 104 Quayside

Stepney Hotel, 17-21 Stoddart Street

Stepney Vaults, 30 Stepney Bank

Sun Inn, 37 Gibson Street

Sun Inn, 136 Quayside

Sun Inn, 106-108 New Bridge Street

Tanners Arms, Byker Bridge End West

Three Crowns Inn, 14 Buxton Street

Three Indian Kings Hotel, Three Indian Kings Court, Trinity Yard

Trafalgar Inn, 84 Newbridge Street/ 1-5 Trafalgar Street

Tweedside Inn, 15 Clarence Street

Tyne Hotel, 5 Milk Market

Tyne Bridge Inn, 56 Sandhill

Wallace Hotel, 4 Stepney Lane

Yorkshire Arms, 4 Broad Chare

???, 73 The Close

???, 58 Franklin Street

???, 5 Ingham Place

??? Arms, 82 Shield Street

???, 102-104 Shield Street

Black Bull Inn, 4 Waterloo Street

Black Bull Inn, 125 Westgate Road

Brandy Vaults, 105/107 Westgate Road

Bridge, 1 Castle Square

Britannia, 9 Churchill Street

Carlisle Hotel, 155-157 Westgate Road/ 1 Blenheim Street

Cattle Market Inn, 40 Clayton Street West/ Forth Place

Central Station Hotel, Neville Street

Clarendon Hotel, Clayton Street West

Collingwood Inn, 13 Pudding Chare

Comet, 36 Neville Street

County Hotel, Neville Street/ Grainger Street

Crown Hotel, 8-12 Clayton Street West

Crown Hotel, 1 Railway Street

Douglas Bar, 41 Westgate Road

Douglas Hotel, Grainger Street West

Duke of Cambridge, 31 Duke Street

Duke of Wellington, 21 Drury Lane

Durham Ox, 48 Clayton Street West/ Forth Place

Earl of Durham, 10 Marlborough Crescent

Earl of Westmorland, 27 Westmorland Street

Express, 29 Westgate Road

Forth Hotel, 13 Pink Lane/ 6 Forth Lane

George & Dragon, 9 Forth Banks

Globe Inn, 11 Railway Street

Golden Eagle, 42 Scotswood Road

Golden Fleece, 52 Clayton Street West/ 2 Westmorland Street

Grey Bull Inn, 41 Westmorland Road

Half Moon, 34 Mosley Street/ 5 St Nicholas Churchyard

Hawthorn Inn, 29 Forth Banks

Hexham House Inn, Forth Place

King Edward, Bath Lane

King's Head, 2 Scotswood Road

Locomotive, 28 Railway Steet/ 27 Hare Street

Locomotive Inn, 25 Westmorland Street/ 57 Blenheim Street

Lord Clyde, 15 Waterloo Street/ 1 Sunderland Street

Marlborough Inn, 78-82 Scotswood Road

Mechanic's Arms, 17 Temple Street

Metropole Hotel, 20-22 Clayton Street West

Midland Hotel, 17 Westgate Road

Moulders Arms, 15 Forth Banks

Monument, 71 Grainger Street

North British Hotel, 3-5 Pink Lane

North Eastern, 39 Westgate Road/ 18 Neville Street

Old Brass Man, 3 Collingwood Street/ 3 Denton Chare

Parker's Arms, 4-6 Ord Street

Pine Apple, 21 Grainger Street

Post Office Inn, 6 St Nicholas Street/ Denton Chare

Prince of Wales, 13 Railway Street

Queen Victoria Inn, 29 Sutherland Street/ 26 Blenheim Street

Queen's Hotel, 6 Pink Lane

Royal Hotel, 23 Pudding Chare

Skiff Inn, 23-25 Dunn Street

Spital Inn, 20 -22 Neville Street

Station Hotel, Neville Street

Telegraph, Forth Street

Tower Inn, 1 Mitford Street

Victoria, 38 Neville Street

Waterloo Hotel, 110 Westgate Road/ Bath Lane

Wheatsheaf, 3 Waterloo Street

White Bull, 1 Westmorland Road

Woolpack, 7 Marlborough Crescent

York Hotel, 34 Clayton Street West

Albion Inn, 20 Leazes Lane

Bakers & Brewers Arms, 8 Stowell Street

Bay Horse, 111 - 113 Gallowgate

Belle Grove Hotel, 1 Ancrum Street/ 20 Belle Grove Terrace, Spital Tongues

Black Bull Inn, 1 Stanhope Street/ 26 Barrack Road

County Inn, 68 Percy Street/ 56 Prudhoe Street

Cricketers Arms, 24-26 Gallowgate

Crows Nest Hotel, 137-138 Percy Street

Darnell Hotel, Moor Street

Farmers Rest, 122 Percy Street

Grand Hotel, Percy Street

Green Market Inn, 20 St Andrews Street

Haymarket Hotel, 119 Percy Street

Hodgsons Arms, 13-15 Seaham Street

Hotspur, 103 Percy Street

Leazes Tavern, 2-4 Crescent Place/ Leazes Lane

Lion & Lamb Hotel, 42 St Andrews Street

Morpeth Castle, 21 Percy Street

Newcastle Arms, 71 St Andrew's Street

North Terrace Hotel, 23-26 North Terrace

Northumberland Arms, St Andrews Street/ 62 Stowell Street

Ordnance Arms, 68 - 70 Gallowgate

Percy Arms, 83-85 Percy Street

Plough Inn, 124 Percy Street

Queen's Head, 101 - 103 Gallowgate

Spital House, 64 Hunters Road

Three Bulls Heads, 57 Percy Street

Trent House, 1 Leazes Lane

Wheatsheaf Inn, 74-76 Gallowgate

Addison Hotel, 81 - 85 Addison Road

Blue Bell, Shields Road, Union Road, Byker

Boat Landing Inn, 85 White Street, Low Walker

Butchers Arms Inn, 66-70 Shields Road/ 2 Dalton Street

Byker Tavern, 70 Byker Bank

Chillingham Hotel, 83-91 Chillingham Road, Heaton

Colliery Engine Inn, Shields Road, Walkergate

Commercial, 83 Raby Street/ 1-3 Mason Street

Corporation Hotel, 1707 Walker Road, Walker

County Hotel, Walker Road

Crown & Anchor, Fisher Street, Low Walker

Cumberland Arms, 140 Church Street, Walker

Duke of York, St Lawrence

Ellison Arms, 3 Ropery Walk, St Anthony's

Ford Arms, 4 Wilford Street/ 2-4 Robson Street, Byker

Fountain Hotel, 108 Church Street, Walker

Glendale Hotel, 65 Thornborough Street, Byker

Grace Inn, 256-258 Shields Road

Grace Inn, 2-4 Robinson Street, Byker

Green Tree Inn, St Lawrence

Half Moon, 101 Byker Bank/ 84 Stephen Street

Hare & Hounds Inn, St Lawrence Road

Heaton Hotel, 132-134 Shields Road

Hope & Anchor, 236 Shields Road

King's Head, St Anthony's

Locomotive Inn, Glasshouse Street, St Peter's

Lord Clyde Inn, 281 Shields Road

Neptune Hotel, Fisher Street, Low Walker

New Hawk Inn, 3-5 Byker Bank

Phoenix Tavern, 13 Leighton Street, Byker

Plough, 98 Byker Bank

Queen's Head, 10 Wilfred Street, Byker

Raby Hotel, 190 Shields Road/ 1-3 Raby Street, Byker

Railway Hotel, Benton Road, Walkergate

Rose & Crown, 2 Walker Road

Royal Hotel, White Street, Low Walker

Royal Collingwood Hotel, 486 Walker Road

Royal Station Hotel, 12-14 Conyers Road, Byker

Scrogg Inn, Byker Street, Walker

Ship Inn, Low Walker, Walker

Shipwright's Arms, St Lawrence Road

Stack Hotel, Station Road, Walker

Stag's Head Inn, 102 Headlam Street, Byker

Star Inn, 74 White Street, Low Walker

Station Hotel, 21 Dalton Street, Byker

Steamboat Inn, 3 Quality Row

Victoria, 62-64 White Street, Low Walker

Volunteer Arms, 156 Church Street, Walker

Waggon Inn, White Street, Low Walker

Wheatsheaf, Bottlehouse Street, St Peter's

William IV, 1 River Street, St Peter's

Wolsington House Inn, Shields Road, Walkergate

Adelaide Hotel, 1 Elm Street, Benwell

Adrian's Head, 38 Elswick Road

Atlas, 523 Scotswood Road

Balmoral Hotel, 356 Westgate Road/ 1 Worley Street

Bath Hotel, 305 Scotswood Road/ 1 Dunn Street

Bath Hotel, 5 Corporation Street

Bay Horse, 300 Westgate Road/ 138 Buckingham Street

Belgrave Hotel, 1 Elliott Terrace / 127 Mill Lane

Benwell Hotel, 38 Adelaide Terrace, Benwell

Benwell House Hotel, Benwell Lane, Benwell

Blenheim House Hotel, 129 Blenheim Street/ 94/96 Scotswood Road

Boat House Inn, George Hall, Newburn

Chesterfield Arms, Elswick Road

Clock Inn, 94 Buckingham Street

Coach & Horses, 85 Blenheim Street

Cookson's Arms, 346 Westgate Road

Crooked Billet, 732 Scotswood Road

Crown, Ravensworth View/ Elswick Road

Crystal Palace Hotel, 2 Palace Street/ 95 George Street

Deleval Arms, Scotswood Road

Dene Hotel, 1 Georges Road/ 630 Scotswood Road

Dodd's Arms, 79-83 Elswick Road

Duke of Buckingham, 6 Buckingham Street

Duke of Cumberland, 157-159 Scotswood Road/ Hare Street

Duke of Gloucester, 210 Gloucester Road/ 379 Westgate Road

Eagle Tavern, 10 Diana Street

Elswick Hotel, 876 Scotswood Road

Elswick House, 110-112 Scotswood Road

Engine Inn, Walbottle, Newburn

Engineers Arms, 82 Sycamore Street

Falcon, 336-338 Scotswood Road

Farmers Inn, 98 Scotswood Road

Flax Mill, 427-429 Scotswood Road

Fountain Hotel, 126 Scotswood Road

Fountain Inn, Lord Street

Fox & Hounds, West Road, Benwell

Freemasons Arms, 420 Scotswood Road/ 2-4 Tulloch Street

George the First Inn, 13 George Street

Gloucester Arms, 28 Gloucester Street

Goat Inn, 338 Westgate Road/ 2 Bell Street

Green Tree, 268-272 Scotswood Road

Green Tree Inn, Benwell Village

Greyhound Inn, 1 Spring Garden Lane/ 68 Pitt Street

Gun, 818 Scotswood Road

Havelock Hotel, Elswick Row

Hawthorn Inn, Benwell Village

High Elswick Inn, 1 Cross Cromwell Street/ 55 Cromwell Street

Hydraulic Crane, 903 Scotswood Road

Jingling Gate, West Whorlton

King's Arms Inn, 1 Douglas Terrace/ 31 Diana Street

Lemington Hotel, Lemington, Newburn

Lord Hill Inn, 1 Barrack Road

Lord Palmerston Inn, 20 Blandford Street

Lord Wharncliffe, 146-148 Scotswood Road

Maid of Derwent, 1-3 Maple Street/ 174 Scotswood Road

Marquis of Blandford, 173 Westgate Road

Masons Arms, 334 Westgate Road

Merry Monarch Inn, 1-3 Avison Street

Mitre, 165 Stanhope Street

Newburn Hotel, Newburn

Northumberland Arms, Newburn

Ord Arms, Bridge Crescent, Scotswood

Ordnance Arms Hotel, 465-469 Scotswood Road

Park Road Hotel, 404-408 Scotswood Road/ 1 Park Road

Percy Arms, Walbottle, Newburn

Prince of Wales, 40 Wellington Street/ Pitt Street

Rifle Inn, 543-545 Scotswood Road

Rock Hotel, 68-72 Cambridge Street

Rokeby Arms, Scotswood

Rose & Crown Inn, Chapel Terrace, Scotswood

Royal Oak, 222 Scotswood Road/ 1-3 Ivy Street

Shipwright's Arms, 203-205 Scotswood Road

Star Hotel, 27 Maple Street

Station Hotel, Lemington, Newburn

Tyne Iron Inn, Lemington

Vulcan, 640-646 Scotswood Road

William IV, 207-209 Westgate Road

Appletree Inn, Jesmond

Barras Bridge Hotel, 1 Sandyford Road

Blue Bell, 8 Jesmond Vale

Brandling Arms, 13 Brandling Village

Collingwood Arms, 41 Brandling Village

Imperial Hotel, 99 Jesmond Road

Jesmond Station Hotel, 120 Sandyford Road

Lambert's Leap, 68-70 Sandyford Road

Princess Royal, 39 Jesmond Vale

Punch Bowl Hotel, Jesmond Road

St Margaret's Hotel, 64-68 Osborne Road

Travellers Rest, 57 Jesmond Vale

Ye Olde Cradle Well Hotel, Jesmond Road

Black Bull Inn, Longbenton, Newcastle

Brandling Arms, 174-176 High Street

Brandling Villa, Hadrick's Mill Road, South Gosforth

County Hotel, 56-58 High Street

Duke of Edinburgh, 6 Moor Street

Gosforth Hotel, 203-205 High Street

High Gosforth Park Hotel, Gosforth

Millstone Inn, Hadrick's Mill Road, South Gosforth

Ship Inn, Longbenton

Sun Inn, Longbenton

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