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Old Pubs of Newcastle in 1850

This page features details of Pubs in Newcastle in 1850, some which have disappeared for good. These pubs have not previously been featured on Pubs Newcastle as they may have been demolished some time ago or changed it's name.

The historical information on where the pub was located in Newcastle and what has happened to the pub is shown on the page.

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Adelaide Hotel, 15 Newgate Street

Albert Hotel, 181 Pilgrim Street

Albion, Nelson Street

Albion, 93 Newgate Street

Bacchus, 49 Newgate Street

Beeswing, Postern

Belford House, 3 Nelson Street

Bell's Arms, 5 High Friar Street

Bird in Bush, 26 Pilgrim Street

Black House, 70 Pilgrim Street

Black Swan, 16 East Clayton Street

Blackett Arms, 21 Nelson Street

Blue Posts, 153 Pilgrim Street

Bull & Mouth, 57 Newgate Street

Butchers Arms, 4 Nun Street

Central Exchange Coffeee & Dining Rooms, Grey Street

Clock, East Clayton Street

Club House, Eldon Square

Cow Market Tavern, Newgate Street

Croft Tavern, 2 Croft Street

Dog and Pheasant, 20 East Clayton Street

Ducrow, Shakespeare Street

Duke of Wellington, Carliol Square

Dun Cow, Back Eldon Street

Earl Grey, 176 Pilgrim Street

Edinburgh Castle, 1 Newgate Street

Edinburgh House, 19 East Clayton Street

Eldon Arms, 54 Blackett Street

Elephant and Castle, 8 Low Friar Street

Fox and Lamb, 162 Pilgrim Street

George Inn, 139 Pilgrim Street

Geoge IV, Carliol Square

Golden Tiger, 143 Pilgrim Streeet

Grainger Hotel, 51 Grainger Street

Green Tree, Prudhoe Street

Kings Arms, 70 Blackett Street/ 2 Percy Street

Lion & Lamb, 44 Newgate Street

Lord Collingwood, 18 High Bridge

Lord Nelson, 37 Trafalgar Street

Lord Stowell, 3 Nelson Street

Low Black House, Carliol Square

Masons Arms, 51 Newgate Street

Masons Arms, 21 East Clayton Street

Nags Head, 2 Nun Street

Newcastle Arms, Carliol Square

New Market Hotel, Nelson Street

New Railway Inn, Carliol Place

Northumberland Arms, Prudhoe Street

Oak Leaf, 67 Northumberland Street

Old Market Hotel, Old Market Lane

Old Pack Horse, 160 Pilgrim Street

Old Queen's Head, 159 Pilgrim Street

Old Robin Hood, 27 Pilgrim Street

Old Turk's Head, Northumberland Street

Painters Arms, 8 Lisle Street

Pine Apple Inn & Hotel, 14 Nun Street

Prudhoe Castle, 18 Carliol Street

Queen's Head Inn, 137 - 138 Pilgrim Street

Ridley Arms, 16 Pilgrim Street

Ropers Arms, Nelson Street, North Shore

Royal Exchange Hotel, Hood Street

Royal Hotel, Grainger Street

Royal Oak, Back Row & Bailiffgate

Saddler's Wells, Low Friar Street

Scotch Arms, Nun's Gate

Shades Tavern, Manor Street

Shakespeare, Grey Street

Ship, Drury Lane

Slaters Arms, 7 Erick Street

Smiths Arms, 6 Prudhoe Street

Star and Garter Inn, East Clayton Street

Sun, 95 Newgate Street

Three Tuns, 71 Newgate Street

Turk's Head, Grey Street

Victoria Hotel, 79 Newgate Street

Wallace's Hotel, 9 Nelson Street

White House, 86 Pilgrim Street

William IV, Bell's Court, Pilgrim Street

Yarmouth Arms, Grey Street, St Peter's

Black Boy, 54 Groat Market

Coach and Horses, 12 Bigg Market

Corn Exchange, 10 Cloth Market

Crown & Thistle, 56 Groat Market

Eldon Arms, Ridley Court, 42 Groat Market

Fighting Cocks, Bigg Market

Flying Horse, 36 Groat Market

Gardener's Arms, 7 High Bridge

Garrick's Head, 24 Cloth Market

Goat, 12 Cloth Market

Golden Lion, 41 Bigg Market

Half Moon Inn, 3 Bigg Market

Nag's Head, 20 Cloth Market

Old George, 3 Union Street

Old Plough, 10 Bigg Market

Rose and Crown, 30 Bigg Market

Unicorn Inn, 40 Bigg Market

Wheat Sheaf, 6 Bigg Market

White Hart, 7 Cloth Market

White Horse, 43 Groat Market

White Swan, 17 Cloth Market

Aberdeen Arms, 27 Broad Chare

Albion, New Road

American Coffee House & Tavern, 22 Gibson Street

Angel, 2 Butcher Bank

Barley Mow, Milk Market

Bay Horse, Wall Knowle

Bee Hive, 74 Close

Beeswing, 14 Union Street

Black Bull, 9 Union Street

Blue Bell, GrindingChare/ 69 Quayside

Blue Jug, 23 Close

Brandy Butt, 13 Side

Bricklayers Arms, Stepney Bank

Bridge, 10 Quayside

Burns Tavern, 40 Head of the Side

Burns Tavern, Spicer Lane

Burnt House, 29 Side

Butchers Arms, New Road

Butchers Arms, 19 Butcher Bank

Cannon, 63 Close

Carpenter's Tower, Causey Bank

Charles XII, 2 Tyne Bridge End

Cock, 7 Denton Chare

Colonel Tarlton, Clarence Street

Cooksons Arms, Hanover Street

Cross Keys, Head of the Side

Cross Keys, Sandgate

Crown & Thistle, Sandgate

Cumberland House, 9 Denton Chare

Dock House, Low Way, near the Swirle

Dolphin Tavern, 41 Close

Duke of Argyle, Argyle Street

Duke of Cumberland, 11 Close

Duke of York, Stockbridge

Dun Cow, Grinding Chare/ 69 Quayside

Earl Grey, Pallester's Chare, Quayside

Egypt Cottage, New Road

Elephant and Fish, 3 Sandhill

Gate Tavern, New Quay

George IV, 34 Close

Globe, Buxton Street

Golden Anchor, Grinding Chare

Golden Lion, 7 Broad Chare

Golden Lion, Tyne Street

Golden Lion, 7 Broad Chare

Grapes, 25 Side

Golden Lion, 7 Broad Chare

Green Tree, St Anns's Street

Grey Horse Inn, Milk Market

Grey Horse, 65 Quayside

Half Moon, Swirle

Hare & Hounds, Colvin Chare, Quayside

High Barley Mow, New Road

Highlander, Pandon

High Level Bridge, Queen Street

Hole in the Wall, Stockbridge

Hope and Anchor, Clarence Street

Jack Tar, New Quay

Joiners Arms, 35 Gibson Street

Jubilee Inn, 14 Buxton Street

Lamb, 38 Tyne Street

Lamb, 48 Gibson Street

Locomotive Engine, Close

London Tavern, foot of Gibson Street/ New Road

Lord Nelson, 16 Sandgate

Low Crane, 43 Quayside

Marquis of Granby, 10 Dog Bank

Masons Arms, Tyne Street

Meters Arms, St Ann's Street

Meters Arms, Love Lane, Quayside

Meters Arms, 5 Butcher Bank

Millwrights Arms, 4 Close

Nag's Head, 41 St Ann's Street

Nag's Head, Butcher Bank

Napoleon Le Grand, 32 Butcher Bank

New Bridge Inn, Argyle Street

Newcastle Tavern, 35 Butcher Bank

Old Bee Hive, 34 Sandhill

Old Dolphin, 41 Close

Old Duke of Cumberland, 13 King Street

Pear Tree, Dean Burn

Pheasant, New Road

Phoenix Tavern, New Pandon Street

Pitman's Arms, St Ann's Street

Plough, Manor Chare

Plough, Spicer Lane, Quayside

Portland Arms, Milk Market

Prince of Orange, 9 Side

Prussian Arms, Peppercorn Chare, Quayside

Queen's Head, Close

Railway Inn, Ridley Villas

Railway Tavern, 7 Pandon Bank

Ravensworth Arms, St Ann's Street

Red Barns Spirit Vaults, 4 Melbourne Street

Rising Sun, 54 Quayside

Rose and Crown, 2 Walker /New Road

Royal Hotel, 15 Melbourne Street

Royal Sovereign, Cut Bank

Scotch Arms, 7 Quayside

Shield Field Inn, Shield Street

Ship, Milk Market

Ship, Sandgate

Ship, Spicer Lane, Quayside

Steam Boat, 3 Quayside

Sun, 37 Gibson Street

Sun, Clarence Street

Sun, 79 Side

Sun, 59 Quayside

Sunderland House, 27 Quayside

Swan with Two Necks Inn, 2 Painters Heugh

Three Bulls Heads, Milk Market Sandgate

Three Indian Kings, 3 Indian Kings Court, Quayside

Three Tuns, St Mary's Street, Sandgate

Tiger Inn, Close

Trinity Chambers Inn, Trinity Chambers

Turk's Head, 14 Quayside

Tyne Bridge End, 5 Tyne Bridge End

Union, Stockbridge

Union Vaults, Dog Leap Stairs

Waggon, 42 Close

Weavers Arms, New Pandon Street

Wheat Sheaf, 3 - 4 Cloth Market

Whitby Arms, 28 Broad Chare

Battery Inn, Forth Street

Black Bull, Forth Banks

Black Bull, Westgate

Black Bull, Waterloo Street

Black Bull's Head, 72 Westgate Street

Black Friars, 88 West Clayton Street

Black Swan, 69 Westgate Street

Blandford Arms, 1 Blandford Street

Blenheim House, 1 Blenheim Street

Blue Bell, St Nicholas Square

Boar's Head, Westgate

Bricklayers Arms, Buckingham Street

Britannia, Churchill Street

Brown Jug, Forth Banks

Butchers Arms, Waterloo Street

Castle, Castle Garth

Cattle Market Inn, Forth Place

Coach and Horses, 23 Blenheim Street

Corn Market Tavern, St Nicholas Square

Crown, Westgate

Cumberland Arms, Collingwood Street

Cumberland House, Peel Street

Cumberland House, Westgate

Duke of Buckingham, 3 Buckingham Street

Duke of Wellington, 4 Drury Lane

Durham Ox, Forth House

Earl of Durham, 11 Marlborough Crescent

Earl of Westmoreland, Westmoreland Street

Farmers Inn, 1 George Street

Fox and Hounds, 35 Pudding Chare

Duke of Argyle, Argyle Street

George & Dragon, 9 Forth Banks

Grey Bull, Westmoreland Street

Half Moon Inn, 34 Moseley Street/ 5 Nicholas Churchyard

Hatters Arms, Pudding Chare

Hope & Anchor, 22 Forth Street

Joiners Arms, 34 Pudding Chare

Kings Head, 1 Marlborough Street

Lamb Inn, Hexham House, Forth Place

Locomotive Inn, 37 Blenheim Street

Locomotive Inn, Railway Street

Marlborough Inn, 22 Marlborough Street

Masons Arms, 16 High Buckingham Street

Pine Apple, Westgate

Queen Victoria, Blenheim /Sunderland Street

Rose Inn, 31 Pudding Chare

Royal Oak, 2 Buckingham Street

Shepherd, Marlborough Crescent

Shepherds Arms, Pudding Chare

Ship, Drury Lane

Smiths Arms, Forth Terrace

Sunderland Bridge, 28 Sunderland Street

Talbot Inn, 74 Westgate Street

Telegraph Tavern, 5 Orchard Street

Thornton Arms, Thornton Street

Thornton Street Hotel, Thornton Street

Three Bulls Heads, Castle Garth

Turf Hotel, 36 Collingwood Street

Two Bulls Heads, Black gate, Castle Garth

Waterloo, Westgate

Westgate Tavern, 61 West Clayton Street

Wheat Sheaf, Waterloo Street

William IV, Westgate

Wool Pack, 7 Marlborough Crescent

Bakers & Brewers Arms, Stowell Square

Barras Bridge Hotel, 1 Jesmond Terrace

Bay Horse, 111 - 113 Gallowgate

Beeswing, Gallowgate

Black Boy, Spital Tongues

Black Bull, Todd's Nook

Blue Bell, St Mary's Street

Carlisle House, Leazes Lane

Cock & Anchor, 79 Percy Street

Cricketers Arms, Dean Burn

Crow's Nest, Percy Street

Duke of Wellington, Spring Garden Terrace

Farmers Rest, Percy Street

Forresters Arms, Wellington Street

General Moore, Spring Garden Terrace

Golden Anchor, St Mary's Street

Grey Horse, Spring Garden Lane

Haymarket Hotel, Percy Street

Joiners Arms, 28 Percy Street

Leazes Tavern, 29 Crescent Place

Lord Hill, Hill Street/ Spring Garden Terrace

Mill House, Spital Tongues

Nags Head, St Mary's Street

Newcastle Arms, Darn Crook

Northumberland Arms, Stowell Street

Ordnance Arms, Gallowgate

Percy Arms, Percy Street

Percy Cottage, 105 - 106 Percy Street

Plough, 72 Percy Street

Queen's Head, 101 - 103 Gallowgate

Sir William Wallace Arms, 42 Stowell Street

Stag, Percy Street

Steam Boat, St Mary's Street

Sun, St Mary's Street

Three Bulls Heads, 96 Percy Street

Wheat Sheaf, Gallowgate

White Swan, St Mary's Street

Black Boy, Byker Bar

Blue Bell, Byker

Brown Kiln, Ouseburn

Dog, William Street, St Peter's

Fighting Cocks, East Ballast Hills

George & Dragon, St Anthony's

Glassmakers Arms, St Peter's

Green Tree, East Ballast Hills

Half Moon, 73 Byker Bank

Hare & Hound, Percy Street,St Peter's

Hope and Anchor, Bill Point

Horse, Byker Bar

Keel, Ouseburn

King's Head, St Anthony's

Lion, St Lawrence

Loraine Arms, Ouseburn

Lord Nelson, East Ballast Hills

New Hawk, Ouseburn Bridge

Old Hawk, Ouseburn Bridge

Ouseburn Viaduct, Lawson Street

Plough, 98 Byker Bar

Plummers Arms, Ouse Street

Printers Arms, Causey Bank

Rose and Crown, East Ballast Hills

Royal Oak, St Lawrence

Ship, St Anthonys

Ship, Stepney Bank

Ship, St Peter's

Ship, St Peter's

Ship, Redhead, Bill Point

Ship, York Street, East Ballast Hills

Shipwrights Arms, St Peter's

Shipwrights Arms, Ouse Street

Steam Boat, East Ballast Hills

Stone Cellar, St Lawrence

Sun, Byker Bank

Tanners Arms, Stepney Bank

Wheat Sheaf, St Peter's

William IV, William Street, St Peter's

Adrianople Inn, Elswick Lane

Barrack Tavern, Mew Mills/ Barrack Road

Bay Horse, Arthurs Hill

Canteen, Barracks

Cooksons Arms, Arthurs Hill

Crown & Cushion, Benwell

Dun Cow, Cowgate, Fenham

Goat, Arthurs Hill

Green Tree, Scotswood Road

Grey Bull, Cowgate

Joiners Arms, Arthurs Hill

Masons Arms, Arthurs Hill

Milestone House, Arthurs Hill

Tankerville Arms, 1 Diana Street

Brandling Arms, Brandling Village

Collingwood Arms, Brandling Village

Cradle Well, Minories/ Sandyford Lane

Grapes, Jesmond

Lambert's Leap, Sandyford Lane

Punch Bowl, Minories, Sandyford Lane

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