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Destination 1850  

Neville Street, in the entrance to the Central Station.

Metro - Central Station
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from 24/05 every day until late
Facebook: facebook.com/destination1850
Website: destination1850.co.uk

Beers: Moretti, Heineken and Lagunitas DayTime IPA on tap.
Cocktails and specialist gins as well as hot and soft drinks on offer.

Meals:   destination1850.co.uk
Breakfast served all day includes:
Breakfast ciabatta £2.95 - £4.25
Big Breakfast £8.20
Small Breakfast or Veggie Breakfast £6.20
Vegan Breakfast garden plate £7.00
Eggs Benedict £5.95
Fluffy Scrambled Eggs £3.95
Extras £1.00 - £2.50
Main meals include:
Wraps £5.50 - £6.50
Toasties £2.65 - £2.95
Salads £6.00 - £8.50
Pizza slices £2.95
Loaded Fries £6.50 - £6.95
Homemade soup of the day £1.80
Sides £3.25 - £4.25
Hot drinks £1.95 - £2.95
A selection of cakes and sweet treats are also available.

Special Deals:
Toastie Deals: Toastie & regular tea/coffee £3.95 Toastie & homemade soup £4.25.

Live Sports: None shown here.

Music: Regular music on play at most times.

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Bar and cafe located in the glazed portico entrance of the Central Station.

The bar described as a "boutique bar and eatery", is the latest venture by Danieli Holdings, the company behind The Stack and bar/restaurants including YOLO and The Muddler. There is a large L shaped bar and plenty of seating for diners with takeaway food also available.

The bar is a good place to enjoy a drink or a snack before getting a train or to meet with friends, family or colleagues for a catch up.

It has become a popular 'destination' and add to the food and drink options within the station.

Disabled access is very good as the bar is all on the one level.

Price: Moderate.