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Billy Bootleggers  

27-29 Nelson Street, close to the Grainger Market and Eldon Square Shopping centre.

Metro - Monument
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Telephone: 0191 2612729

Beers: Goose Island IPA, Budweiser, Northern Alchemy - U.S Session Pale and Angry Orchard Cider on tap.
A good range of spirits, wines, cocktails & bottled drinks on offer.

Food is served every evening with hot dogs £7.00 - £8.00, wings £5.00 - £16.00, sides £3.50 - £4.00.
Sweets £4.50.

Special Deals: Bourbon Cocktails £7.00 - £7.50, Classic Cocktails £7.00 - £7.70, Prosecco - glass £4.50 (bottle £19.00). Apple Pie Moonshine £7.00. Bourbon brews £4.00 each (3 for £10.00 or 5 for £15.00). Bootlegger beer £4.70. Pickleback £3.50.

Live Sports: none shown here.

  Upcoming Gigs
Music: Regular music on play at all times. Live music every night with open MIC nights. DJ Kev on play from 11pm.

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Newcastle`s only American inspired Dive bar. Billy Bootleggers is an excellent late night music bar.

The bar is accessed down a flight of stairs with the entrance located by an entrance outside the Grainger Market.

At the bottom of the stairs there is a small bar to the right hand side.

The bar has plenty of seating throughout with tables and chairs for those attending the music nights.

A small stage area to the rear of the bar where artists perform throughout the night.

The pub is frequented by musicians and those attending the music nights.

Live music is on play most of the time with a laid back atmosphere in the evening. DJ on play from 11pm.

Disabled access may be difficult with bar located down a flight of stairs. The toilets are small and clean.

Price: Moderate.