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Wobbly Duck  

4 Old Eldon Square, Newcastle.

Metro - Monument
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every day from 12pm - 11pm.

Ales on tap include:
Almasty Brewing Co - Green Pale - Pale Ale - American ABV 5%
Pentrich Brewing Co - Shine Like Trillions - IPA - Triple ABV 10%
McColl's Brewery - Bloom - Stout - Coffee ABV 7.4%
Heist Brew Co - Invert Keg Daily - IPA - New England / Hazy ABV 6.7%
GlassHouse Beer Co - Art of Escapism - IPA - American ABV 6.2%
Almasty Brewing Co - Italian Pilsner - Pilsner - Italian ABV 5%
Polly's Brew Co - Dune Dancing - IPA - American ABV 6.5%
Pastore Brewing and Blending - Bamboccione - Sour - Fruited ABV 10.5%
Oso Brew Co - Selva Negra - Stout - Imperial / Double Pastry ABV 11%
Alpha Delta Brewing - Achlys - IPA - Imperial / Double ABV 8.2%
Polly's Brew Co - Sailing South - English Bitter ABV 4.3%
S43 Brewery - Duck Duck Juice - Pale Ale - New England ABV 5.5%

Ciders on tap include:
Lilley's Cider - Merry Monkey - Cider - Traditional ABV 4.5%
Lilley's Cider - Bee Sting - Cider - Perry ABV 6.8%

A good selection of spirits, bottled beers, wines, lagers and ciders available.

No food served - drinking bar only.

Special Deals: To be confirmed.

Live Sports: None shown here.

Music: Regular music on play at most times.

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New basement micro brew bar from the owners of Beer Street located behind the Central Station.

The bar is located on Old Eldon Square in the heart of Newcastle.

The bar should be busy with its excellent position on Old Eldon Square and the excellent range of ales on offer.

An outside seating area is open to the front and rear of the bar.

Disabled access can be difficult as access down a flight of stairs. Toilets are small and in a good condition.

Price: Moderate.