The Stack  

Old Odeon Site, Pilgrim Street, close to Eldon Square Shopping centre.

Metro - Monument
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Every day until late.
Telephone: 0191 2161415


Barley & MeBarley & Me
Barley & Me is situated in the Plaza area serving Beer, IPA, Lager and Stout. They also stock some canned and bottled products from all over the world.
Beers and Ciders on tap - Heineken, Moretti, Maltsmiths IPA, Lagunitas IPA, Almasty Session IPA, Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider and Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider.

Lonewolf Ice BarLonewolf Ice Bar
Lonewolf Ice bar will be open on Friday 25th January 19 for three months and will feature sub-zero ice adventure with some spectacular ice sculptures, sculpted by Glacial Art, the company that brought you the Game of Thrones Ice Throne.
There will be a variety of packages available starting from £12.00 with drinks included in the price, one of which will be served in a real Ice shot glass.
All guests will be given a jacket and gloves for the duration of their visit and you can spend up to 20 minutes in the Ice bar.
You will be given a Lonewolf Ice shot or a non-alcoholic alternative if under 18 when in the ice bar and a hot chocolate each once you leave.
The bar will be open Monday - Friday from 1pm - 11pm, Friday & Sunday 11am - 11pm.
Draught beers and ciders include Moretti, Heineken and Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider. Lone Wolf spirits, prosecco and bottled beers served. Soft drinks and hot chocolate also available.

Beer Box
A great range of Beers from those behind Black Storm Brewery including Black Storm Bitter and Black Storm Porter.

Havana Club BarHavana Club Bar
STACK and Havana have teamed up to bring you a container that serves over 40 different varieties of rum and a signature mojito.
Beers and Ciders on tap - Heineken, Moretti, Maltsmiths IPA, Murphy's, Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider and Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider.

Heineken BarHeineken Bar
As it says on the tin the bar serve Heineken in the Plaza area.
Beers on tap - Heineken, Red Stripe.

Yolo BarYOLO Bar
The YOLO container is situated on the first floor of the STACK site, sister to the YOLO venues in both Ponteland & Newcastle Townhouse. There is table service throughout the whole site with a range of cocktails on offer.
Beers and Ciders on tap - Heineken, Moretti, Maltsmiths IPA, Lagunitas IPA, Almasty Session IPA, Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider and Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider.


The Bake One - Lebanese food freshly prepared, fresh bread, Kebabs and Shawarma.

Boojie Burger - Burgers and beers.

Cluck Cluck Moo - seasoned steaks and marinated chicken.

Coffee Yolo - tray baked treats, Parisian grilled delights, a range of coffees, frappes and iced teas to go.

Eatali - Italian street food, Pizza and Piadini flatbreads.

Gill's Fish & Chips - on the first floor, a menu of Fish and Chips.

Hatch 76 - Hatch76 favourites will be on the menu alongside some new dishes.

Hungry Vegan - 100% vegan food. Freshly made, subs, salads, pastries, cakes, and sweet treats.

Los Cocos - Mexican street food Taqueria serving proper corn tortillas with salsas and fresh ingredients.

Lost & Found - Chinese family recipes and modern Asian street food, handcrafted dumplings

Stixs - Korean Fried chicken and tasty Japanese Ramen.

Sushi Me Rollin - a fine range of Sushi dishes.

Texas Smokers - American Smoker serving beef brisket, pork shoulder, ribs, BBQ chicken breast, chicken wings, turkey leg, Smokehouse burger and Foot long smoked sausage.

Special Deals: None advertised.

Live Sports: Not shown.

Music: Regular music on play at most times in the many bars throughout the container park. Live music and entertainment in Hadrian's Tipi with DJ's on play most nights inciuding Capital North presenters.

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New container park located in the old Odeon site of Newcastle.

The Stack is described as a 'Creative Social Hub for Entertainment, Culture, Work and Play. A destination concept in the heart of Newcastle City Centre'.

The complex contains a mixture of bars, food outlets and shops.

It should become a popular attraction for all visitors and has been transformed for Christmas to include the returning Hadrian's Tipi and will feature an Ice bar.

The containers have 2 levels with some bars and restaurants on both the ground and the second level.

There is an extensive choice of different food and drinks on offer to suit all tastes with plenty of outside tables/benches which should be busy when the weather is good.

There are also bars and restaurants that are protected from the weather including Hadrian's Tipi which offers festive drinks over the Christmas period. Disabled access good to lower floors. More difficult to upper levels.

Price: Moderate.