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Blackie Boy  

11 Groat Market, in centre of Bigg Market. Established 1923.

Metro - Central Station
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Monday, Thursday & Friday 6pm - 3am - Saturday & Sunday 4pm - 3am. Blackie Boy is reserved for private parties every Tuesday and Wednesday.
Telephone: 0191 2320730.

Beers:   Drinks menu
John Smith's Cold, Fosters, Heineken and Guinness on tap. A good selection of wines & cocktails. Strongbow cider also available.

Meals: No food advertised. Drinking bar only.

Special Deals: Thursday 2 for 1 on drinks all night with free jukebox.

Live Sports: none shown here.

Music: Regular music is on play at most times.

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Popular bar that is part of the Vaulkhard Group. The place has been given a recent makeover and it now has a more modern upmarket feel. There is a long narrow bar with a new outside smoking/standing area in the alley to one side. The bar has some seating at the front with more standing space opposite to the bar. There is several tables with high seating along the walls that lead onto the side alley area.

The bar has a more stylish look with smart fixtures and ceiling fans and the old antique fixtures removed. The old clock from 1923 behind the bar still remains.

There is a cosy feel to the bar in the evening with a very dark subdued atmosphere and cylindrical lighting down one side. The upstairs function room is available for parties available for between 6 to 100 persons with champagne and canapes available on request. Ask at the bar for more information or call 0191 2320730 or 0191 22111880.

Frequented by locals, businessmen and younger crowd at weekend. Busy at most times, especially on the weekend with a cosy atmosphere. From the alley to the right hand side of the bar you can access Perdu the sister to Blackie Boy.

Disabled access good but difficult to upstairs function room. Toilets small and clean.

Price: Moderate.

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